February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
2007, March 3rd:
The host community of any Canada Winter Games must provide four regulation courts to run the squash event. Unfortunately, there are but three squash courts in Whitehorse.
No problem. We can just rent a portable court, right?

Wrong. In all of North America, there is only one court available for rent and Bermuda already had it booked.

Luckily, the Women’s International Squash Players Association was upgrading its assets and had a used court for sale in Chicago. The Host Society took it with hopes of selling it afterwards, perhaps to Squash Canada.

Glass courts are rather expensive affairs. They are used most commonly at world-level competitions for maximized spectator viewing. For most of the squash athletes in the 2007 Games, this will be their first opportunity to play in an all-glass enclosure.

The court will take some getting used to, so all of the competitors will have a chance to practice on it. The ball will be white, not the usual black, and will bounce against the 12-mm-thick tempered glass. The wooden floor will be blue, not clear varnished and there will be no ceiling.

The glass is treated to reduce transparency from the inside of the court, so players aren’t distracted by spectators who can surround them on all four sides.

The eight-ton court arrived in Yukon on a large transport truck and took volunteers two days to assemble. Why not get a pass and check it out at École Émilie Tremblay, during Week Two of the Games.

Chris Scherbarth