February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Provinces and territories give their final ok to the 2007 Canada Winter Games
2006, November 10th:

After two days of careful inspection the 13 provinces and territories have agreed that the City of Whitehorse is ready and able to host the 2007 Canada Winter Games.

The Chefs de Mission, who represent each of the provinces and territories, are responsible for ensuring athletes are well cared for and have the best possible opportunity to compete. While in Whitehorse the Chefs visited competition venues to see first hand the improvements that have been made. They also toured the athletes’ village, including two new residence buildings that will be used to house athletes during the Games.

“It’s exciting to host my fellow Chefs in my home town,” said Trevor Twardochleb, Chef de Mission for Team Yukon. “We are all getting excited to welcome the athletes, coaches, managers and dignitaries that will be arriving in Whitehorse next February. We are so used to traveling to other places to compete; it’s a whole different situation when you are the host.”

“The 2007 Host Society is doing a great job of making these Games athlete centered,” said Blair McIntosh, Chef de Mission Team Ontario. “The fact that all venues are in close proximity is a real asset.”

The 2007 Canada Winter Games has joined in partnership with Nunavut and Northwest Territories to host the Games. They will work together in a Pan North partnership to share a true picture of Canada’s North with visitors and spectators from across the country. The Games will host cultural ambassadors from each of the three territories and will feature Arctic and Dene sport competitions.
“I think that the athletes, parents and coaches coming to Whitehorse are going to be very surprised,” said Ted Bigelow, Chef de Mission for Team Manitoba. “Having all three territories involved shows total community involvement. It’s important that the host community is having fun.”