February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
A Personal Best Ain't So Bad
2007, February 28th:

Only a dozen or so athletes in each Canada Games sport can reasonably hope to earn a medal.

The rest don't go home completely downtrodden. Rising to the challenge and excitement of a national caliber event, most competitors are likely to achieve a "personal best" or two and acquire some new tricks along the way.

"I never knew about half the strategies I've seen the top skaters employing at these games," says Manitoba's short track athlete Emily Levin.

"This is the highest caliber competition I've been at, and I'm getting a lot of great racing experience," she observes.

Levin considers herself to be a distance skater and, to her surprise, she placed higher in the 500 meter sprint than her favoured 1500 meter race. Better yet, she shaved almost a second off her "PB" time in the sprint.

"From here on, I expect my training and expectations to step up a notch."