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Sponsorship - A Vital Component to the 2007 Canada Winter Games

Sponsorship support is a major contributor to any Canada Games. The organizing committee of the 2007 Canada Winter Games intends to raise $7 million from generous sponsor partnerships. Our plan is to reward sponsors with a high degree of visibility in order to ensure that their support is fully recognized by all who come into contact with the Games as well as those who work and do business in Canada's last frontier.

Sponsorship categories are broken down as follows:

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Sponsorship Category Sponsorship Level
Major Sponsor
$350,000 plus
Official Supplier
Diamond Friend of the Games
Klondike Gold Friend of the Games
Mammoth Ivory Friend of the Games
Arctic Soapstone Friend of the Games
Inukshuk Friend of the Games
Midnight Sun Friend of the Games
Northern Lights Friend of the Games

The categories are designed to allow our sponsors to choose the level of financial commitment and recognition that is appropriate for their organization. All levels of sponsorship are important to the success of the 2007 Canada Winter Games.

The Yukon and Canada's North are the perfect match to host the spirited athletes that will be competing to advance on to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver-Whistler, British Columbia. Join our team in an event that will bring together Canada and its northern peoples in an unprecedented way. Join our team in an event that will play a key role in the growth and development of our elite Canadian athletes. Join our team in an event that will leave a meaningful and lasting legacy not only for competitors but also all the northerners and Canadians who have the opportunity to participate in this most unique of events.

There are a tremendous number of reasons to lend sponsorship support to the 2007 Canada Winter Games.

Join the team!

For more information about joining the 2007 Canada Winter Games team, please contact:

Paolo Gallina
Senior Manager, Sponsorship & Marketing
Tel (867) 393-5520
Fax (867) 393-2008
Email paolo.gallina@2007canadagames.ca