February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
From nine to none
2007, February 25th:

There were 38 goals scored in the four games on the opening day of the Men's hockey play.

The most memorable had to be a laser-like drive from 2 metres out … at a 68-degree angle from the right post … at an entirely empty net … in the last minute of a thrilling 0-0 tilt between Saskatchewan and Alberta.

What happened? If you want to find out ask the tall Albertan with the black bags under his eyes, the guy who will have replayed the shot over and over again, a million times.
He'll be able to tell you precisely how it looked, how it sounded, how it felt … and why the game ended in the 0-0 tie.

Other marksmen for the first day of play included Steven Stamkos (Ont) with five goals, Kelly
Geoffry and Alex Pietrangelo had four assists;  Landon Ferraro (BC) and Kelsey Tessier (NB) with four,  Patrice Cormier (NB) had five assists; eight different Quebecers scored a goal in the province's 9-1 win over Yukon.

QC 9 - YT 1; ON 11 - PE 3; BC 8 - NB 6; AB 0 - SK 0