February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Mascot's First Birthday
2006, January 9th:

The official Games’ mascots will be live and on location in Watson Lake on Wednesday. The mascots have gathered to celebrate their first birthday and their newly announced names.

Uqila who’s name was selected by Timothy Pooka Nakoolak, a fourth grade student from Sakku School in Coral Harbour, represents a state-of-being common to the people of Nunavut.  Fast and light on your feet translates to Uqila in Inuktitut, and is pronounced “ou-ke-la”, with the accent on the last syllable.  Fred Butler, the principal of Sakku School, and the people of Southampton Island are very proud of Timothy and of everyone who submitted ideas in the search for a name of the Nunavut mascot.

Taiga’s name refers to the boreal forest belt that circles the sub-arctic zone, including most of the Northwest Territories. Taiga encompasses and reflects the nature of all that is the Northwest Territories. Often thought of, as a vast region of forbidding northern conditions, the reality is a “take your breath away” rugged land of strong, energetic people, rich in wildlife, spectacular scenery, and intimidating water geography.

The Yukon mascot, who’s name was chosen as part of a school program implemented by the Community Relations division of the Host Society, has been named Yúkā.  The name, in the Kaska language, represents one of the Yukon’s most famous natural phenomenons and the husky mascots’ collective origin: the northern lights.  A special thanks to all the students who participated, especially Tim Lane, Kline Stewart, Milo Spring, Kecia Shepard, Dana Robson, Brittany Dennis, Brady McMillian, Kevin Pete, Shanay Pete and Zuneza Cove from Watson Lake Secondary School.

Taiga, Uqila and Yúkā are now in celebration mode, and they will around the territories spreading Games enthusiasm in the year before the Games.  So join in the fun when you see the 2007 Canada Games mascots in your community!

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