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Prince Edward Island to host 2009 Canada Summer Games
2006, August 30th:

The Canada Games Council officially awarded the 2009 Canada Summer Games to the Province of Prince Edward Island.

“Come 2009, these unique Games will have the entire Province of Prince Edward Island engaged in hosting the 4,500 of Canada’s most promising next generation national, international and Olympic champions,” said Larry Smith, Chairman of the Canada Games Council. “These Games will mark Prince Edward Island’s second time hosting our Games, Charlottetown having hosted the winter Games in 1991, but a first in having an entire Province engaged in planning, supporting, and delivering the 22nd edition of this prestigious summer event.”

Accepting the flag, and the task of hosting the Games, the Honourable Pat Binns, Premier of Prince Edward Island, spoke of the Island ’s ability to host and support an event of this scope.

“We are ready, willing and able to bring the rest of to our province and to produce the best games ever in 2009!” said Premier Binns. “We are fortunate to enjoy a close working relationship with the government of , the Canada Games Council, the corporate community and Island municipalities, all of whom will be working with us to ensure these games are a success.”

Also at the event, Chair of the 2009 Canada Games Bid Committee, Joseph Spriet, was officially announced as President of the 2009 Host Society.

“The job ahead will be both challenging and rewarding and will require a lot of work on the part of the Host Committee, sports organizations, coaches, trainers, administrators, business operators, and volunteers,” said Mr. Spriet. “I am confident however that together we are up to the task.”

The 2009 Host Society will now continue its evolution from bid committee to Host Society employing up to 120 staff members and engaging thousands of volunteers, and the entire Province of Prince Edward Island.

The 2009 Canada Summer Games will be held in August 2009.