February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
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2006, July 26th:
The 2007 Canada Winter Games are going to be the largest sporting event ever held North of 60 and a major undertaking for Whitehorse.


Whitehorse’s hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts are expected to be at capacity by the time the Games’ are underway, said Mia Lee, NorthStay coordinator for the 2007 Canada Winter Games Host Society. “That’s why the Host Society has taken on a new role,” she said. “Almost like a dating service for accommodations, we’re matching Whitehorse residents with Games’ visitors.”

Besides the 2,700 athletes who’ll be competing at the Games, Whitehorse will play host to parents, friends and supporters, sponsors, media and officials from across the country. Athletes and coaches will stay at the Athletes Village, while sponsors, media, officials and other members of the Games’ family will stay in designated hotels. NorthStay targets visiting parents, friends, supporters and other spectators who will also be looking for a place to stay during the Games.

You can be a part of the excitement by being a NorthStay host, meeting families of the athletes and other Games’ spectators, showing off your Yukon pride and hospitality and making some money while you’re at it.

There are three different ways to participate in NorthStay: Room Rental, Home Rental and Complimentary Billet.

If you have extra rooms in your home and plan on being in Whitehorse during the Games, then Room Rental is the option for you – you stay in your home and host the  Games’ visitors. “It’s a great way to meet people and make friends from across the country,” explained Lee.

If you’re going to be away during the Games or if you can find alternate accommodations, then you could consider the Home Rental. “Some people are taking their winter vacations during the Canada Games,” said Lee. “And others are planning on staying with friends or relatives. Because their home would otherwise be empty, they can participate in the NorthStay program and earn some money.”

The third option is for people who would like to host visiting Games’ volunteers in their home, and are not interested in charging money for it.  

“Homeowners in Whitehorse are really stepping up to the plate with the NorthStay program,” said Lee. “People who live in the Yukon are proud of their homes and their communities and they’re excited to share that with visitors from across Canada.”

If you’re interested in becoming a NorthStay host, click here to find out more.

Anyone interested in hosting can attend one of several information sessions in Whitehorse:

Tuesday Aug. 15, 5-6 pm Sport Yukon Boardroom #2
Wednesday Sept. 13, 8-9 pm Remax meeting room
Thursday Sept. 28, 5-6 pm Remax meeting room