Canada Winter Games 2007
Medal Design
2006, April 17th:
he provincial and territorial teams are training and striving to achieve their bests. Through this push they will be focusing on the medals. The Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games host society recently closed the medal design process.


The medals design is a crucial element of the Canada Games. There are several components that need to be incorporated into the design to keep the spirit alive. Each medal that will be produced has the potential to change an athlete’s life. This is their shinning moment, they will be able to draw from the experience for any task athletic or otherwise they may want to achieve in the future.

The challenge the 2007 Canada Games will rise to meet is the unique experience of having the three territories come together. It is important that the medal design reflect the celebrated Pan North approach. The design process was open to all residents in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and the Yukon and the request for proposal packages were happily circulated across the north. Over 20 proposal packages were collected from a variety of Northern residents.

Another unique opportunity the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games is the chance to produce two medal designs, one for the Canada Games events and one for the Inuit Sport and Dene Games. This allows for creative development of each medal while showcasing the diversity between the two genres.

The selection process that is currently being followed involves a special selection committee that was brought together to choose the designs. There are representation from several groups including  the medals ceremony committee, marketing, a local artist, Pan North, and representatives from sport. Once this committee comes to an agreement on the design the medals will be looking for approval from the Games executive and then off to the Canada Games council for final approval.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the