February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Cross Country Skiing Day 15
2007, March 10th:
Women's 4 X 3.75 km Relay

The Alberta foursome dominated the women's event almost from the start. Ontario's Alana Thomas was able to apply early pressure with an impressive opening lap and lead by 10 seconds at the first exchange but it wasn't long before Marcia Birkigt, the winner of the classic 7.5 earlier in the week, took control with a 55 second buffer on Team Ontario at the exchange.

Tension built during the third leg however as local favorite Bryn Knight chipped away at time difference with Team Quebec and at the exchange Quebec held a slim lead over Emily Nishikawa of the Yukon.
Feedback through course marshals built the expectations of the Yukon crowd during the final leg until Nishikawa cruised by high above the stadium to cheer of the assembled crowd. Moments later Yukon had secured its third medal on the trails at Mt. McIntyre.

Men’s 4 X 3.75km Relay

Drama unfolded on the ski trails at the Mt. McIntyre Centre on Friday as Ontario came from behind to win gold over Alberta and British Columbia.
The lead changed after each leg of the 4 x 5 km free technique event with Quebec out in front after the first 5 km, Alberta taking over after 10 km and finally a neck and neck battle between Alberta and Ontario at the third exchange.

Gavin Hamilton had a great third leg,' stated coach James Cunningham at the finish line. 'Jesse (Winter) skied a smart final leg against Tyson Smith of Alberta but can you believe Hamilton going from 4th to 1st in 5 kilometers, continued Cunningham. It was a great way the finish the Games.'