February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
The Table Tennis Basics
2007, March 9th:

Speed, coordination, reaction, power — these are the table tennis basics. Without them, you haven’t the required skills to compete effectively.

Manitoba team coach George Damianov speaks with passion and assurance. “The game isn’t just about hand-eye coordination. The first reaction of table tennis players has to be with the legs. It’s like in all racquet sports: foot work is the most important thing.”

And the skills learned in table tennis are portable to other sports. “Goal tenders in hockey are number one,” he says, “boxers are number two.” Table tennis is an ideal way to improve the speed and reaction of the goalie’s glove hand. But it’s different with fighters.

“When the ball is coming the boxers need to quickly avoid it — the ball is the fist,” explains Damianov. Where goalies react to the ball, boxers react away from it. “But in both cases the athlete needs to know how to react.”

By Day 14, Manitoba was in fifth place in the team event with some promising prospects for the final days.