February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Our second home
2007, March 7th:

The gymnastic arena appears an erratic array of multi-sized blue mats arbitrarily scattered on the green soccer pitch, with red safety mats tossed here and there and springboards and scoring tables with their scoreboards. It looks like a giant 12-ring circus; organized chaos.

“We know exactly what going on all the time,” says Ashley Quinton.  “It’s like our second home.”

She and her Alberta teammate Sandra Harrison have been training in this organized mayhem for 10 years. To them it all makes perfect sense. “Vault, bars, beam, floor — you can enter it at different
stages but it’s always the same rotation,” says Sandra, adding, “you just concentrate on what you’re about to do. We’re trying to hit everything, to not fall. We don’t care what's going on around us.”

But they care about one thing: meeting their expectations. When it’s all over, the seven-girl Alberta team expects to be balancing on the podium, bending low for a medal.