February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Yukoners make top cut
2007, March 7th:
Snowy, cold and blustery conditions contributed to a more difficult skating course for Cross Country Skiers competing in the 1200m sprints Tuesday. Final medals in the 1200 sprint saw a full Alberta sweep. Cathy Jacques took gold, Heidi Widmer, silver and Marlis Kromm took bronze. Four Yukoners made it through the top-30 cut: Bryn Knight, Emily Nishikawa, Janelle Greer and Sarah Murray. Also competing in the sprint was Heidi O’Connor-Brook. The top four listed then proceeded to the knock-out sprints. Out of a start field of 54 women Yukon;s finishes were: Bryn Knight, 12th; Emily Nishikawa, 18th; Janelle Greer, 23rd; Sarah Murray, 28th and Heidi O’Connor-Brook in 36th place.

In the men’s 1200 spring, B.C.’s Christopher Werrell skied to gold; Quebec’s Nicolas Poirier took silver while bronze went to another B.C. skier, Cameron Egan . Yukon’s Ray Sabo, John Parry and David Greer made it through to the finals. Also competing were Colin Abbot and Sam Lindsey. After the knock-out sprints, the final results for the men, in a field of 51, were: Ray Sabo, 20th place; John Parry, 22nd; David Greer, 29th; Colin Abbott, 40th and Sam Lindsey, 45th.