February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
New Brunswick and Alberta
2007, March 7th:
Fights are breaking out at FH Collins Secondary School this week, but not because the school yard bully is working out his abandonment issues. The Canada Winter Games boxing competition got underway on Monday with preliminary bouts scheduled in all but 3 of the 10 weight categories.

Canada has long been a world leader in revolutionizing the sport of amateur boxing which was added to the CWG roster in 1971. Always a crowd favourite, if the enthusiastic spectators who showed up to watch Monday's bouts are any indication, the boxing venue is going to be rocking for the next 4 days.

Notable bouts included a high scoring affair that saw Tommy Szikinger of BC out –punch Andrew Gregory Stauffer of New Brunswick 50-31 in the 69-75 kg weight class, while in the 60-64 kg category Joshua Duncan Cameron of Ontario got the decision over Brandt Anthony Keir Butt of Manitoba in a tight match.

Boxing action reaches a climax on Friday night with the medal fights.