February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Yukon's David Greer
2007, March 6th:
After a delayed start due to cold weather, Cross Country Skiing panned Gold and Bronze for the Yukon Team. David Greer skied the Gold Medal race in the Men's 10K race while Bryn Knight got the Bronze Medal in the Women's 7.5 K race. This is the Yukon's first Gold medal of the Games and second Bronze.

Following Greer were Alberta skiers Graeme Killick and Gavin Hamilton with silver and bronze medals respectively. Other Yukoners in the Men's 10 K race were skiers John Parry who finished in 11th place, Sam Lindsey 13th, Colin Abbot in 19th and Ray Sabo in 28th place. Total participants in this race numbered 51.

Competing against a field of 54 women skiers Bryn Knight got the bronze medal, following Marcia Birkigt in first and Alysson Marshall in second. Yukon skiers Janelle Greer placed 11th, Emily Nishikawa 14th, Sarah Murry 26th and Heidi O'Connor Brook came in 29th.