February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Pounding paddles start Week Two
2007, March 5th:

Preliminary play in Table Tennis started the second week of the Canada Games Sunday. In the first match-up, Tian Terry Zhang from Manitoba defeated Montreals' Pierre-Luc Theriault in a tight five- set match in Male U15. Zhang won the last set over Theriault 11-6 while having lost the two previous ones 13-11 and 11-8 respectively. Final tally was Quebec 10, Manitoba 2.

In the second match on the A side, Brandon Wiseman from NL stole two sets from Alberta's Kevin Lau in Male U15 but Alberta still finished 12-0 over NL.  In the third team set event, Team Ontario took Team Yukon 12-0 while Hank Yang from Saskatchewan defeated British Columbia’s Josh Zhang 3-0. It didn’t help and B.C. finished 10-2 over Sask. In the fifth competition, Nunavut defeated Nova Scotia in the ladies u-15 doubles, It was a very intense win for Nunavut going in a tight fifth set. Overall, it was Nova Scotia 11, Nunavut

Competition continues this week.