February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Viewpoint Technologies Ltd. Announcement
2006, February 28th:
Viewpoint Technologies Ltd. Announcement

The 2007 Canada Games is pleased to announce the selection of Viewpoint Technologies Ltd. to provide registration, volunteer management and accreditation services for the Games to be held in Whitehorse  Feb 24-March 10, 2007
Viewpoint Technologies is a Canadian company based in Victoria BC, and has a long history of providing support to events across Canada and around the world, including the Commonwealth Games, Olympics, Pan Am Games, World Championships, and a host of smaller regional/national events.

The contract with Viewpoint will provide hosting, training and provision of software and support to ensure that the 4,500 volunteers and 3,600 Athletes/Coaches/Officials and Games Family people are properly registered for their events/roles and they have the credentials to allow them to do their jobs come the event.
Viewpoint president Clint Flood is thrilled to support the Canada Games and states "Having worked on BC Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and the OIympics it is great to be able to add this critical level of events to our portfolio.  It is our dream to see the athletes in Whitehorse in 2007 that have our accreditation badges around their necks, to be standing on the podium in 2010 at the Olympics with an Olympic medal hanging on those same necks." 

For more information about Viewpoint Technologies Ltd,  please visit http://www.viewpointtech.com/.