February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Inuit Games bring out the best in athletes
2007, March 2nd:

“Inuit Games, I love it! There is so much support for athletes. Everyone is rooting for each other. Everyone wants everyone to do well,” says Team Yukon’s Anya Zimmerman.

The unfailing support and freely given advice from coaches, officials, and fellow athletes create an environment in which all athletes can achieve their full potential. It is within this environment, or perhaps because of this climate, that Anya, a former competitive gymnast, was able to make the most of her gymnastic skills and bring home a second gold in the one foot high kick .

The one foot high kick is a premier event, requiring explosive power, precision movement, and balance to hit the small target held high above the athlete’s head. Nunavut swept the men’s event with Tootoo Tanuyak getting his fifth gold with a kick of 9 feet. Fellow teammates Joshua Bruce and Chris Merkosak took silver and bronze with kicks of 8’10 inches.

Joining Anya on the podium were Nunavut athletes Blair Tautu and Malaiyah Enuapik, each of whom cleared 6 feet, just 2 inches shy of Anya’s 6 feet 2 inches kick.

By encouraging and assisting all athletes to achieve their full potential, Inuit sport leaders not only raise the bar for their sports but also bring honour to all.