February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Olympic ceremonies producer lends his expertise
2006, January 10th:
Olympic ceremonies producer lends his expertise to the 2007 Canada Games Host Society.


Jacques Lemay, a well-known Canadian choreographer, artistic director and producer, spent the weekend of January 13 – 15, 2006 meeting with 2007 Canada Winter Games planning volunteers and staff to discuss the opening and closing ceremonies and the cultural program. Mr. Lemay has an impressive track record of producing major sport ceremonies including the 1988 Olympics, the 1997 Special Olympics, several Canada Games, Commonwealth Games and Royal Galas. His passion for developing major productions to celebrate athletic achievement, recognize volunteers and highlight regional culture inspired CWG members. In his weekend meetings he addressed the challenges of balancing all the different program elements and the important role that each division plays in staging opening and closing ceremonies. Many Games divisions were represented and he was excited to see such a high level of cooperation.

He also met with the National Artist Program committee to discuss program ideas for a multidisciplinary residency and production involving artists from all Canadian provinces and territories. The weekend was rounded out by a working session with the ceremonies committee where broadcasting, technical production, budget, personnel and theming were explored.

Jacques was able to give practical suggestions on working with both a live and broadcast audience, balancing protocol elements with artistic production, marshalling athletes and spectators to ensure proper care and comfort. He also offered ways of ensuring that volunteers and sponsors are properly recognized. He was very enthusiastic about working with local artists and community groups to ensure that the ceremonies reflect our culture in a fresh and meaningful way everyone involved.