February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Medical teams and safe water are part of the picture for a healthy CWG
2007, March 3rd:

Athletes at the Canada Winter Games are in good hands when it comes to health. Every Games venue has a Medical Team and venues hosting high-risk sports also have an Emergency Measures Team and an ambulance nearby. To round out the services, the Yukon College nursing lab is a Polyclinic for the 2,800 athletes.

As with other sport events, CWG organizers place a premium on the health and well being of athletes. The best of the Whitehorse medical community has stepped up to offer their professional skills and no small measure of TLC to boot!

To reinforce the good health theme, food and water are inspected and police, fire, ambulance and emergency services are also ready.

“We have a variety of dedicated volunteers who will help make the Games not only a success, but a healthy success," said Brian Kitchen, Director of Health Services.

Mike Paré, Medical Division Chair adds, "We're hoping to build a template for future Games.”

And it looks like CWG Whitehorse is doing just that!