February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Freestyle Skiing Half Pipe Event Heats Up Mount Sima
2007, March 3rd:

Parents, coaches, and lots of spectators braved the sunny but cold morning at the top of Mount Sima on Friday to take in the freestyle skiing half pipe event. And they weren’t disappointed, as the skiers had some excellent runs and lots of great altitude and spins. Team Nova Scotia was thrilled to have a finisher in the finals, 14-year old Stefan Strecko, who’ll be battling it out this afternoon as the competition continues with the finals. Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta all managed to send male and female teams to the games, while the Nova Scotia and Yukon teams made great showings with men’s team only. Travis Wilson, Brayden Coolidge, Darren White, and Jonathan Lowey of the Yukon had excellent runs this morning on the half pipe. Of note were a couple of the BC skiers who fell, but not before thrilling the crowd with turns, flips and amazing tricks. Stay tuned for results of the finals on Friday afternoon.