February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Freestyle Skiing
2007, February 28th:
Minus 20 degrees before the wind chill factor didn't ground the freestyle competitors as they competed in the aerials event today. Twenty females and 29 males flew through their moves at Mount Sima, with two attempts each in the morning, and finals in the afternoon. The three competitors from the Yukon didn't make the finals, but had a great time and stayed on their feet.

The youngest was 11-year old Darren White, in his first Canada Games competition. Not a bad start to a hopefully long career. Olivier Rochon of Quebec was the only one of all 49 competitors to use the highest jump, and his flips and aerial turns were incredible. He won the Gold medal for the event.

The men's finals were equally dominated by British Columbia, Alberta , Quebec and Manitoba teams with three spots each, while Alberta took two, and Andrew Rempel of Saskatchewan represented his province. In the women's finals, Quebec, Ontario and B.C. teams each took three spots, while Manitoba had two. Keltie Hansen made a strong showing as the sole Team Alberta member in the women's final, taking home the Gold medal. Close to 100 cold but impressed spectators cheered on the event all day, and kept warm by doing "The Wave" periodically.