February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Quebec 's Syncro Winning Streak Continues
2007, February 28th:
Quebec's Camille Bowness and Marie-Lou Morin, who have both been on the 13-15 National Team, finished first in the duet preliminaries. Second place was won by another Quebec team, Jo-Annie Fortin and Stephanie Leclair.

Alberta 's Brooks and Friesen won a close third place. Ontario rounded out the top five with a fourth place win for Bezeau and Saunders, and fifth place for LePage and Matthews.

Quebec 's Head Coach Nathalie Lagrange was very happy with the results, saying that this brings them even closer to their goal of winning first place at the Games.

Monday's solo preliminaries went well for the Quebec team. Camille Bowness and Jo-Annie Fortin of Quebec took first and second place. "Today was a good day for Team Quebec. We definitely hope that this will continue for the other events" said Nathalie Lagrange, the Quebec head coach.

Ontario's soloists Samantha Mawhinney and Julia Maclean received third and fourth place, followed by Rosilyn Tegart from Team British Columbia, and Saskatchewan's Jessica Guenther took sixth. A triple tie for seventh place was shared by two Alberta and one British Columbia athletes.