February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Biathlon Gold in the Cold
2007, February 27th:
Junior men (10 km) and junior women (7.5 km) biathletes faced minus 20 degrees -- that felt like minus 30 with the wind gusts -- on Grey Mountain yesterday.

"Cold makes the skiing slower," said Biathlon Canada's Joanne Thomson. In spite of that, women's gold medalist Roseanne Crawford (Team Alberta) finished a full minute ahead of silver finisher Jessica Sedlock from British Columbia.

"They adjusted well to dealing with the cold and wind," said Biathlon Canada's Joanne Thomson. "There were a lot of nine or eight shots out of ten."

Spectators witnessed the first perfect round when Alberta's Yannick Letailleur fired from prone to earn silver, topped only by teammate Tyson Smith.

"The top finishers are members of the World Junior Championship team," said Thomson. "This is the group in line for 2014," she added.