February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Strategy and Skill Spell Success in Short Track
2007, February 27th:
"Short track has to be 10 per cent physical, 90 per cent mental," says Alberta skater Matt Szostakiwskyj. "Often, it's not the fastest guy who wins, it's the smartest guy. He knows he is slower than the other guys so he's going to sit behind them and at just the right moment he's going to make his move so that he's in the right spot."

Szostakiwskyj teammate Steve James Buzinski made use of both his speed and strategy to take home a bronze medal in the men's short track. Nicolas M Bean of Ontario took top spot with a time of 2: 21.350, followed closely by Team Quebec skater Guillaume Blais-Dufour who came in at 2:21.681.

Final standings for the women's short track show Ivanie Lise Blondin from Ontario taking home gold with a time of 2:27.690. She was followed closely by two Team Quebec skaters: Marianne St-Gelais won silver with a time of 2:27.747; and, Andréa Anh Do-Duc achieved bronze coming in at 2:27.877.