February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Third team always wins
2007, February 26th:
Clayton Richardson and Tom Sweeney look very official.

Dressed neatly in shirt, tie and overcoat the two major junior hockey linesmen were casing the Takhini arena in preparation for their 8:30 tilt, 'the battle of the prairies,' a Saskatchewan-Alberta match up.

They love it. "Hey," says Richardson, "we have the best seat in the house: best goals, best games, best fights. It's great."

What was the best goal celebration you ever saw? Sweeney laughs, "I once saw a guy stab the net with his stick, pop the goalie's water bottle into the air, grab it and drink from it." They laugh.

"Another time, it was in double over-time, a guy scored and calmly skated over to the corner and as his entire team semi-circled him, he took off his glove and with a finger pressed to the plexi-glass, he diagramed how he scored it."

The way Sweeney looks at is, "We're the third team on the ice, and we always make the play-offs, and we always win."