February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
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PEI Excited to Host the Nation in 2009
2007, March 30th

Now that the 2007 Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse have ended and been proclaimed a rousing success

How Soon Will You Be Back?
2007, March 30th

During the 2007 Canada Winter Games, visitors to Whitehorse were treated to an impressive array of northern talent.

Whitehorse 2007 a Great Success!
2007, March 30th

What began as the dream of a few turned into the success of all Canada’s North.

Warm Hearts in Cold Weather
2007, March 15th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games Host Society would like to thank its 4000 volunteers.

Final Results
2007, March 10th

Games Flag and Centennial Cup Point Standings

Cross Country Skiing Day 15
2007, March 10th

Evan Bruce, Alberta

Passion, Courage, Determination Highlight Boxing Finale
2007, March 10th

Kenny Lally of British Columbia (Blue) and Dominic Babineau of New Brunswick (Red) gave everything they could and Babineau captures the Gold.

Oh, what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling…
2007, March 10th

Thursday, Day 14 was a big day for Ontario figure skaters Kirsten Moore-Towers and Andrei Rogozine, each picking up a gold in the novice singles event.

Volunteers – we’re not done yet!
2007, March 9th

Volunteers are still needed to help with decommissioning the Athletes’ Residence and ATCO Place. Click here to find out more.

2007, March 9th

Courageous athletes, bruising competition, passionate spectators, raw emotions, enduring sportsmanship…

The Table Tennis Basics
2007, March 9th

Speed, coordination, reaction, power — these are the table tennis basics. Without them, you haven’t the required skills to compete effectively.

Peterson Golden in Women's Slalom
2007, March 9th

The women's slalom, the final alpine event of the 2007 Canada Winter Games

National Artist Program Premieres A Show of Their Own
2007, March 9th

The Yukon Arts Centre was filled to capacity with patrons, parents and VIPs Thursday night to see the offering from the Canada Winter Games 6th National Artist Program.

Women's Hockey
2007, March 9th

Atlantic Tide Sweeps Women’s Hockey

Ontario Finishes Undefeated in Squash Preliminaries
2007, March 8th

The Yukon women's team won eight matches out of 20

The Great Big Thank You party
2007, March 8th

Congratulations Whitehorse! With the help of more than 4,000 volunteers, the 2007 Canada Games were a success! Now it’s time to celebrate. Click here to find out more about the Great Big Thank You party.

Women’s Giant Slalom Gold to BC
2007, March 8th

Ontario 's Krystyn Peterson

2007, March 8th

Fencing Continues at Vanier School

Our second home
2007, March 7th

The gymnastic arena appears an erratic array of multi-sized blue mats arbitrarily scattered on the green soccer pitch

Yukoners make top cut Glenn D. Godfrey and Company, LLP
2007, March 7th

Alberta skiers take gold, silver and bronze medals in the 1200m Cross Country female sprint

New Brunswick and Alberta
2007, March 7th

CWG Gladiators get in the Ring

Dene hand games
2007, March 7th

Hand Games – Then and Now

Yukon's David Greer
2007, March 6th

Yukoners pan for gold and bronze Super Steam air duct cleaning

PEI squash team arrives
2007, March 6th

PEI’s Racquet Teams are Champs from the Outset

Gold in Gymnastics
2007, March 6th

Team Quebec Comes from Behind to Win Gold in Gymnastics

Strong opener for PEI
2007, March 5th

Newfoundland and Labrador rocked Nova Scotia 9-4.

Pounding paddles start Week Two
2007, March 5th

Yukon's Ryan Bachli plays a match against Ontario's Briant Won.

Ringette Rings in the Games
2007, March 5th

Ringette competition has finished up here at the Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse.

Students prepare historical show for visitors
2007, March 5th

There's something in the air in Whitehorse.

Half Pipe thrills a full house
2007, March 5th

The trek up Mount Sima by snowmobile "taxi's" didn't deter the crowd of a hundred or so people who turned out to watch the Half Pipe snowboarding finals during the Canada Winter Games on Wednesday afternoon.

The difference between the two
2007, March 4th

You can easily imagine these kids lying on the floor watching television.

Ontario takes home gold in men’s hockey
2007, March 4th

Team Ontario won gold in men’s hockey action Friday night with a score of 6-4 against Team Manitoba.

Quebec Skaters Rock the Short Track
2007, March 4th

It’s official – again. Quebec utterly rules the ice in short track speed skating.

Yukon shooters faring well
2007, March 4th

Results for Tuesday, February 27 for Air Pistol had Yukoners Kai Breithaupt and Ryan Burlingame coming in 8th in the Team event. Copper Creek Construction (search fence builders near me)

A Rough Road to the Games for East Coast Athlete
2007, March 4th

The road to the Canada Winter Games was a bumpy one

Medical teams and safe water are part of the picture for a healthy CWG
2007, March 3rd

The Polyclinic is ready for athletes

Freestyle Skiing Half Pipe Event Heats Up Mount Sima
2007, March 3rd

Parents, coaches, and lots of spectators braved the sunny but cold morning at the top of Mount Sima on Friday to take in the freestyle skiing half pipe event.

Biathletes Breath Easier with Heat Exchanger
2007, March 3rd

Next to finger, toes, ears and nose, an athlete’s lungs suffer most from the temperatures we’ve enjoyed this week.

Saskatchewan wins First Ever Medal in Synchro
2007, March 3rd

Jessica Guenther won bronze today in the synchro swimming solo finals

2007, March 3rd

Inuit Games bring out the best in athletes
2007, March 2nd

Inuit Games, I love it!

Semi-Final Hockey Wrap-Up
2007, March 2nd

In the end a nothing goal counted for everything.

Busiest Airport in Canada
2007, March 2nd

From about 6 p.m. on March 2 to 4 a.m. on March 3, the tiny Whitehorse International is likely to be the busiest airport in the country.

2007, March 2nd

Speed, strength, strategic smarts, emotional control

Bus Shedule - Mount McIntyre
2007, March 2nd

Mt. McIntyre Spectator Bus Schedule

2007, March 1st

Atco Place is where the Cultural Festival kicked off Wednesday.

Ringette Preparing for Final Games
2007, March 1st

Ringette competition continued with one seeding game and four quarterfinals.

Inuit Games
2007, March 1st

Yukon athlete Tom Fulop participates in the Swing Kick, in Inuit Games Wednesday.

Stands Packed for Team Synchro Event
2007, March 1st

The stands were packed for the popular team synchro swimming preliminaries Tuesday night.

Biathletes Excel in the Elements
2007, March 1st

Biathlon competitors at these Games wear white medical tape across their faces to cut the wind chill.

Hockey wrap: February 27
2007, February 28th

If the semis are anything like the quarter finals, expect some gritty, exciting, fire-wagon hockey on Wednesday. And perhaps some shocking up-sets, too.

A Personal Best Ain't So Bad
2007, February 28th

Only a dozen or so athletes in each Canada Games sport can reasonably hope to earn a medal.

Freestyle Skiing
2007, February 28th

They are coming in fast and furious.

Alberta Women's Curlers Lead with Two
2007, February 28th

Only Alberta posted two wins in opening day of curling action.

Three Teams Boast Short Track Triumphs
2007, February 28th

Team Ontario was all smiles after Day One of the Short Track Speed Skating races, claiming two gold medals.

Quebec 's Syncro Winning Streak Continues
2007, February 28th

Quebec's Camille Bowness and Marie-Lou Morin, who have both been on the 13-15 National Team, finished first in the duet preliminaries.

Biathlon Gold in the Cold
2007, February 27th

Junior Men (10 km) and Junior Women (7.5 km) biathletes faced minus 20 degrees...

The tradition of the games
2007, February 27th

In the tradition of the Inuit Games, athletes and coaches alike supported all athletes, shared tips, offered advise, and celebrated performances.

Men's Long Track 500m Yields Two Delights for Ontario
2007, February 27th

Jason Parker's (Team Saskatchewan) across-the-board records set at 1995 Canada Games in Grand Prairie haven't been touched, until now.

Strategy and Skill Spell Success in Short Track
2007, February 27th

For all the energy expended skating 13.5 laps of the short track, the 1,500 metre race requires both speed and strategy to succeed.

Two take top billing
2007, February 27th

Quebec and British Columbia were strong on the hill today

Ringette – Monday Recap
2007, February 27th

New Brunswick player on the ice at Ringette

BC squeaks over NL
2007, February 27th

In the end, the little engine that could, couldn't. But, boy, it was close.

Aurora Active INSIDE the Canada Games Centre
2007, February 26th

Synchronized Swimming athletes are performing one at a time in the "figures" competition today

Badminton Medal Rounds
2007, February 26th

The birdies were flying fast and furious this morning!

Alberta Skater Realizes his Dream
2007, February 26th

Alberta’s Keith Sulzer trains in the indoor comfort of Calgary’s Olympic Oval and competes only occasionally on an outdoor track.

Third team always wins
2007, February 26th

Linesmen an integral part of the game.

Going Green in the Yukon
2007, February 26th

Going green for the Games is working

Late Call up puts Decker on ice
2007, February 26th

After three periods of play, Saskatchewan and Alberta remained scoreless.

Trading Times
2007, February 26th

Sharon Shorty shows off some of the pins she's collected so far.

From nine to none
2007, February 25th

Quebec routed Yukon 9-1 in the first hockey match of the Games

Siblings Awarded First Round of Medals
2007, February 25th

The men’s and women’s 500 metre race was a family affair.

Birdies flying fast and furious
2007, February 24th

It was a busy first morning of competition for the country’s badminton players.

Ringette first out of the net
2007, February 24th

The Quebec and Nova Scotia ringette squads kicked off the 2007 Canada Winter Games with their first meeting in the prelimary B division round Friday morning.

The Canada Winter Games opens its 40th year in true Yukon fashion
2007, February 24th

Ava Milner, granddaughter of Peter Milner, helps light the Canada Winter Games Torch at the Opening Ceremony.

Advisory – Speed skating 1000m long track has been postponed for today
2007, February 24th

Advisory – With cold temperatures and a high possibility of frostbite, speed skating 1000m long track has been postponed for today. Speed skating 100/500 m long track delayed.

Countdown to Kick Off!
2007, February 23rd

The blanket toss is part of the Inuit and Dene demonstration sports this year.

Torch Travels
2007, February 23rd

Yukon torchbearer Lucy Steele passes torch to next generation Heather Clarke.

Lights, Camera, Action!
2007, February 20th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games may be taking place in one of Canada’s more remote corners, but that does not mean that the rest of Canada will not have the chance to look in on the action.

A Great Big Thank You for volunteers!
2007, February 16th

Volunteers for the 2007 Canada Winter Games will receive a great big thank you on March 11th.

Northern Athletes Get in the Games
2007, February 13th

It’s time for Canada to get excited about the Canada Winter Games.

Better Bodies to Host Canada Games Squash Competition
2007, February 8th

The Better Bodies Cross Training Centre signed a venue use agreement on Friday, February 2, 2021 with the Canada Winter Games.

The 2007 Games Express Bus Service
2007, February 2nd

Piers McDonald, left, president of the 2007 Canada Games, and Whitehorse Mayor Bev Buckway are ready to get on the bus and get in the Games with their new 2007 Games Express Service passes.

ATCO Place Officially Opened
2007, January 29th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games held a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning to officially open ATCO Place.

We’re Seeing Orange!
2007, January 24th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games Volunteer Weekend is here! Click here to check out the schedule.

Mascot Birthday Bash!
2007, January 18th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games mascots will turn two years old on January 20, 2007. PHOTO : BRUCE BARRETT

Sponsor and volunteer appreciation sale until February 4th!
2007, January 17th

Thank you sponsors and volunteers!

Tickets to the 2007 Canada Winter Games are selling quickly
2007, January 16th

The Opening Ceremonies for the 2007 Canada Winter Games have sold out. With less than six weeks to go all Games tickets are selling quickly.

2010 Olympic organizers join in 2007 Games celebrations
2007, January 10th

John Furlong, left, CEO of the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Organizing committee visited Whitehorse this week. Furlong met with 2007 Canada Winter Games President Piers McDonald, right. PHOTO BY: BRUCE BARRETT

Another chance to see the National Artists Program Gala
2007, January 5th

Now that a third performance of the National Artists Program’s Defining Moments has been announced, audiences have another chance to see top young artists from across Canada.

City boosts transit service
2007, January 2nd

The City of Whitehorse and the Canada Games Host Society have a plan to get people to and from venues with no fuss.

On the Home Stretch
2006, December 15th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games Torch Relay is continuing its exciting journey across Canada’s northern landscape. Here the torch is shown in Teslin, Yukon.

Gearing up for winter
2006, November 30th

With temperatures dropping swiftly, the new winter apparel has arrived just in time. PHOTO BY: MICHAEL EDWARDS

Hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser helps open new Games Volunteer Centre
2006, November 17th

Hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser and broadcaster Kelly Hrudey helped open the new Canada Games Volunteer Centre on Thursday, November 16 in Whitehorse. PHOTO BY: MICHAEL EDWARDS

99 Days and Counting!
2006, November 16th

“You can feel the excitement for the Games growing across the Yukon,” said Premier Dennis Fentie. “The energy that is building for this event is inspiring. All three territories are gearing up to host this major national event.”

Interested in volunteering for a specific sport?
2006, November 12th

This Tuesday and Thursday nights, the Canada Games will hold sport specific volunteer registration and orientation sessions. Click 'more' to see the schedule.

Provinces and territories give their final ok to the 2007 Canada Winter Games
2006, November 10th

After two days of careful inspection the 13 provinces and territories have agreed that the City of Whitehorse is ready and able to host the 2007 Canada Winter Games.

Volunteer sessions postponed
2006, October 30th

Two information sessions for Canada Games volunteers have been postponed, due to the cold weather. Volunteers are advised to stay inside and stay warm! The orientation session on Monday, November 27 at the Canada Games Volunteer Centre is cancelled. A French information session for volunteers at L'Association Franco- Yukonnaise, scheduled for Tuesday, November 28 has also been cancelled. The session has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 5th at 7:30 pm, and it will be held at the Canada Games Volunteer Centre.

Bunk beds will be on the move
2006, October 30th

The Canada Games is looking for help to move almost 2,000 bunk beds next weekend. The bunk beds will be the resting spot for Games' athletes and artists between February 23 and March 10, but need to be transported from Stan MacGowan Arena in Porter Creek to the Athletes' Village. It's a huge job, and the Games are looking for volunteers to lend a hand. If you're interested in helping, contact Nick Cogger at nick.cogger@2007CanadaGames.ca .

Tickets on sale now!
2006, October 30th

Tickets to the 2007 Canada Winter Games are now on sale in Whitehorse. With less than four months to go before the action kicks off on February 23, you can secure your spot on the sidelines now!

Blanketing the North
2006, October 27th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games Torch Relay continues throughout Canada’s north.

Cassie Campbell brings a golden touch to three Yukon communities
2006, October 26th

Cassie Campbell, former captain of Canada's gold medal women's hockey team, visited three Yukon communities.

Volunteer Uniforms Unveiled
2006, October 13th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games presents one more reason to volunteer for the Games: fantastic volunteer uniforms.

Subaru Canada rally drives Canadian athletes to the gold
2006, September 26th

Today, Subaru Canada challenged Canadians to rally behind and support Canadian amateur athletes. Canadians answered the call through a public gathering at Yonge Dundas Square in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Canada Games.

Figure Skating Test Event a rousing success
2006, September 26th

Test events are important steps in preparing for the Canada Games. They allow local organizers and volunteers to put Games-time protocols, systems and plans into action.

Sponsors convene in Whitehorse
2006, September 12th

Sixteen sponsors from across Canada, the North and the Yukon are attending the Sponsorship Summit from Wednesday, September 13 to Saturday, September 16.

Le May Doan Glides into Haines Junction
2006, September 7th

Canadian Olympic champion Catriona Le May Doan visited the small Yukon community of Haines Junction, Yukon to speak to local students.

Come to the Volunteer Fair!
2006, September 5th

Come join in the fun at the 2007 Canada Winter Games Volunteer Fair. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about volunteering for the Games this Saturday, September 23 at the Canada Games Centre from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Excitement for 2007 Canada Games builds with Prime Minister’s visit
2006, August 31st

Prime Minister Stephen Harper got a taste of community excitement as he toured the Canada Games Centre today in Whitehorse. The sports facility will be the primary venue for the 2007 Canada Winter Games, hosted in Whitehorse this February and March.

Prince Edward Island to host 2009 Canada Summer Games
2006, August 30th

The Canada Games Council officially awarded the 2009 Canada Summer Games to the Province of Prince Edward Island.

Torch Relay Stays the Course through Ivvavik National Park
2006, August 16th

Ivvavik National Park has the distinction of being Canada’s first National Park established as the result of a land claim. This Torch Challenge is just one of many events that have been ongoing since the launch of the Torch Relay in Ottawa on April 6, 2006.

You haven't seen this Games Gear yet!
2006, August 15th

hoodies, long-sleeve shirts and new t-shirts. Check out new back to school styles at the Official Games store in the Canada Games Centre, and downtown at the Games' headquarters on 1st Avenue.

Canada Games Introduce Opening/Closing Ceremonies Producers
2006, August 14th

The Whitehorse 2007 Canada Winter Games has named Whitehorse’s DNA Productions as the co-producers of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. David Petkovich and Kristina Mercs have teamed up with Patrick Roberge of Vancouver’s Creative Sport Productions to produce a ceremony worthy of national attention.

Get in the Gear - A Fun Fridays contest
2006, August 10th

If you and your coworkers are wearing Games Gear on Fridays, you can enter to win!

Friends of the Games Program Adds Three New Sponsors
2006, August 9th

The Yukon Brewing Company, Best Western Gold Rush Inn and Listers Motor Sports are the newest Mammoth Ivory sponsors.

Artistic Director named for National Artists Program
2006, July 26th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games Host Society is pleased to announce that Lisa Stevens has been named Artistic Director for the National Artists Program (NAP). Stevens, an award-winning Broadway choreographer, is known in the Yukon for her work with local productions Guys & Dolls and Urinetown. "It is exciting to be back in Whitehorse and working with the National Artists Program" said Stevens. "Not only is it great to be part of such a uniquely Canadian event, but it is truly an honour to work in a place that I love."

NorthStay - Are you interested in being a NorthStay host?
2006, July 26th

The 2007 Canada Winter Games are going to be the largest sporting event ever held North of 60 and a major undertaking for Whitehorse.

Let’s Hear What a Few Volunteers Think...
2006, June 30th

You never know who you'll meet at a Volunteer sign up. Let's hear what volunteers are saying.

Canada’s New Government Announces Additional Investment
2006, June 26th

The Honourable Michael Chong, President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, and Minister for Sport, announced an additional investment of $3.8 million for the 2007 Canada Winter Games.

New Dates! Whitehorse Canada Winter Games set to begin Feb. 23rd, 2007
2006, June 26th

The Whitehorse 2007 Canada Winter Games announced they will extend the Games by one day.

Torch Relay Welcomes Mining Conglomerate to Sponsorship Team
2006, June 19th

The sponsorship announcement came just before the start of the Mayo Midnight Marathon. The Torch Relay joined the marathon for the first portion, helping start runners off with enthusiasm. Representatives from the mining consortium were on hand to help spread Games excitement in Mayo.

Canada Games Unveil the Hardware for the 2007 Winter Games
2006, June 15th

The Whitehorse 2007 Canada Winter Games Host Society is pleased to unveil the medal design for next February’s games.

Local Businesses Make the List
2006, June 8th

The Host Society will have another opportunity for local businesses to submit information

Our 1000th Volunteer!
2006, May 16th

Congratulations Lisa Jarvis!

Torch Relay sets out on an impressive challenge to the Kluane Ice Field
2006, May 9th

The 2007 Canada Games Torch Relay began another exciting journey in the north.

Olympians support Canada Games and their sponsors.
2006, April 18th

The Canada Games has a long tradition of developing athletes for the Olympic stage.

The 2007 Canada Winter Games Torch Relay
2006, April 18th

Three stunning Pan Northern 2007 Canada Winter Games torches, lit by the Roly McLennan torch in Alert, NU started their journey across the north by three northern athletes.

Volunteer profiles
2006, April 18th

You never know who you'll meet at a Volunteer sign up. Let's hear what volunteers are saying.

Speed Skating Test Event
2006, March 1st

Yukon Amateur Speed Skating Association (YASSA) will be hosting the Canada Post Age Class Short Track Championships at the Canada GamesCentre in Whitehorse.

Viewpoint Technologies Ltd. Announcement
2006, February 28th

Viewpoint Technologies Ltd. of Victoria BC to provide registration, volunteer management and accreditation services for the Games.

Test Events
2006, January 11th

A number of test events are currently being planned for 2006/07. These will provide opportunities for the City of Whitehorse and the Yukon to prepare for the up coming 2007 Canada Winter Games.

Olympic ceremonies producer lends his expertise
2006, January 10th

Jacques Lemay spent a weekend meeting with 2007 Canada Winter Games planning volunteers and staff to discuss the opening and closing ceremonies...

Mascot's First Birthday
2006, January 9th

The mascots have gathered to celebrate their first birthday and their newly announced names.