February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Game's Mascots

The Mascots for the 2007 Canada Winter Games (Games) love the people of the North and are excited about the prospect of making special appearances at public and school functions in Whitehorse and throughout northern communities. 


The three Games Mascots are a small pack of Northern husky dogs born from a litter and discovered on a Northern frozen lake.  They were given to us to assist in promoting these Games, which will be the largest event ever to be held north of the 60th parallel.


The Mascots are symbolic and represent northern life, culture and traditions.  For generations many Aboriginal people lived a nomadic lifestyle and depended on dog teams to survive the harsh conditions of the land.  From the past to the present, huskies are still used as a mode of transportation for trapping, hunting or leisure activities.


The Mascots are wearing a traditional parka from each respective territory.  These furry friends also have distinguishing characteristics, colors and markings to identify their character and their respective territory.


The Games are fast approaching…the Mascot of the Yukon is  ‘Yúka’ pronounced (U – ka)  , the Mascot representing Northwest Territories is named ‘Taiga’ pronounced (Tag-a) and ‘Uqila’ from Nunavut is pronounced (ou-ke-la with accent on last syllable)  This group of furry creatures have been spotted at events throughout the north since they were first introduced, and are working hard to create excitement and anticipation for these special Games.


Yúka, Taiga and Uqila are an integral part of the Games commitment to community involvement.  Their primary role is to encourage community participation and to promote public enthusiasm at community events in the coming months.