February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
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Carmacks, May 5, 2020

Mode of Transportation: Vehicle

Distance Transported: 3 km

Torch Carriers: Cindy Charlie, Denise Mitchell, George Skookum and Patsy Cashin

The Carmacks Torch Relay community event was held in conjunction with the 30th Annual Ridge Run. Youth from schools across Yukon joined members of Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation, the Village of Carmacks and the Canada Winter Games Host Society for the Torch Relay community event. Torch carriers ran a 3 km loop, passing the torch at different intervals along the route. Special guest was Shirlee Frost and speakers included Patsy Cashin, George Skookum and Peter Menzes.

Challenge! Kluane National Park, May 26 - June 1, 2020

Mode of Transportation to challenge: Helicopter and fixed-wing plane

Distance transported:

Torch carriers:
Lloyd Freese, Rick Staley, Simon Johnson, Brad White and Andrew Lawrence

The 2007 Canada Winter Games Torch spent seven days on the upper reaches of the Dusty Glacier, in the southeast corner of the St. Elias moutain range within Kluane National Park. The wardens participated in a variety of public safety training exercises such as crevasse rescue, technical climbing, helicopter sling rescue, avalanche awareness and glacier travel. They climbed several glaciated peaks in the area, up to 3,400 meters in elevation, carrying the Canada Winter Games flag. Blue skies, calm winds and mild temperatures helped make the training exercise a great success.

Deep Creek, June 10, 2020

Mode of Transportation to community: Vehicle

Distance Transported in community: 1 km

Torch Carriers: Meggin McCaw, Ramesh Ferris, Joyce Young and Rena Marie McCaw

The torch was carried in a canoe, accompanied by the Midnight Sun Bagpipers. It was then transferred to Ramesh Ferris, representing disabled athletes, who carried it on a hand bike. Ferris and community member Joyce Young then carried the torch on foot and passed it onto two community youth in a horse-drawn carriage. The event ended with a community barbecue where Brian Lendrum recited Robert Service and played music on his guitar. The speaker was Lindsay Agar of the 2007 Canada Winter Games Host Society and special guests included the Midnight Sun Bagpipers, Ramesh Ferris and Brian Lendrum.

Mayo, June 17, 2020
Mode of Transportation to community: vehicle

Distance transported: 5 km

Torch carriers: Ross Barchen, Dusty Fraser, Chelsea Dolan, Jared Leary and Taiya Melancon

The Mayo Torch relay event was held in conjunction with the Mayo Midnight Marathon. The torch was transported by children over the first 5 km of the race course. Host Society President Piers McDonald was guest speaker, along with Ian Spencer and Sylvie Menelon. Mining company sponsors were present and they presented the village of Mayo with the community souvenir banner. After the event, members of the Host Society and the mining company representatives stayed in Mayo for the night to volunteer at water stations during the marathon.

Faro, July 1, 2020
Mode of Transportation to community: Vehicle

Torch Carriers: Faro community members

The Faro Torch Relay event happened in the evening, as the final event in the community's Canada Day celebrations. Council member Michelle Vainio was the emcee and guest speakers included Dudley Morgan, of the Canada Winter Games Host Society, and Shane Wilson, the artist who designed and carved the three 2007 Canada Winter Games torches. The torch was passed to all members of the community as they stood in a large circle in front of the visitor's reception centre. Canada Games mascot Yúka was a popular guest at the event.

Ross River, July 1, 2020
Mode of Transportation to community: vehicle

Distance Transported: 432 km

Torch carriers: All community members

The Torch relay came to Ross River on Canada Day with special guests Elvis Presley, Shane Wilson, the artist who designed the torches, Lynn Paterson of YGC Resourses Ltd., and Deputy Chief Gordon Peter. Dudley Morgan, of the 2007 Canada Winter Games Host Society, was the special guest speaker. The torch was carried in the Canada Day parade, then passed from person to person. Each member of the community was able to carry the torch and have their picture taken with it.

Challenge! Ivvavik Torch Challenge, August 17-26, 2006

Mode(s) of Transportation to the event: Twin Otter, Raft & Helicopter

Distance Transported to event: Inuvik to Sheep Creek 180km

Torch Carriers: Melinda Gillis, visitors services; Ryan Drummond, National Park Warden; Mervin Joe, National Park Warden; Jeffrey Peter, park patrol; Lance Nukon, park patrol; Noel Cockney, biathlete; Alyssa Carpenter, hockey player.

The Torch Challenge was delayed when bad weather in Inuvik made it impossible to fly the torch to Ivvavik National Park. The lighting of the torch finally took place August 20, 2020 when rafts carrying the torch were launched down the Firth River. The first day of travel took the torch to the Anticline campsite where the carriers rested up in preparation for the Big Bend Rollercoaster rapids – the highlight of the challenge.

The journey stalled at another set of the rapids, the Caribou Fence rapids, where the water was too high and fast. After waiting for the water level to lower, a helicopter finally took the torch back to Sheep Creek, then a twin otter aircraft took the torch back to Inuvik. Although the weather and elements made things difficult, this challenge was still considered a great success. “I think it’s great to see such a nationally significant event being held in the North,” said Jeffrey Peter of Old Crow.


Teslin, September 15, 2020

Mode(s) Transportation prior to event: Vehicle.

Distance Transported to Community: 183m

Torch Carriers: Community members

The torch arrived at the Heritage Centre via a route through the Village and down the George Johnston Trail. The torch was ceremoniously brought in to the Heritage Centre by Ryan Jules and Jackie Bruce bringing together young and old alike. The day was capped off with a community supper and family dance at the Heritage Centre.

Old Crow, September 19, 2020
Mode of Transportation to community: Airplane

Torch Carriers: Included Elders, adults, youth, and children, carrying the torch individually, in pairs and as larger groups.


People gathered in the community hall for a welcome speech and information about the run. A prayer was said by Elder Mary Tizya. The torch was lit and then passed to Elders who passed the torch to each other, until it came to two young women who were dressed in traditional gowns. Together the women held the torch and walked out of the hall, followed by Elders, Yúka the mascot and RCMP Corporal Paul Thalhofer dressed in his red serge. The torch was passed to the first torch carriers: three women and a small child on an ATV. The School Running Club, with their teacher, ran the torch 13 times around the inside of the school gym to signify the 10 provinces and 3 territories. For one leg of the relay, the torch was carried in a river boat from one end of town to the other end on the Porcupine River. When the Torch arrived back at the hall, an Elder and past athlete walked the Torch into the hall. A community supper was served, followed by speeches. Participation certificates were handed out, the names of past and current athletes from Old Crow were called out and Canada Winter Games pins were handed out to everyone who attended. The emcee was Joe Tetlichi and special guests included Deputy Chief Roger Kaye, Elder John Joe Kaye, torch sculptor Shane Wilson and Canada Games Torch Relay coordinator Lindsay Agar.

(photos available soon)


Watson Lake, October 31, 2020
Mode(s)Transportation prior to event: Vehicle
Distance Transported to Community: 456km
Distance torch transported in the event: 5km
Torch Carriers: James Magun Jr., Dakota Hinson, Dayna Dickson, Cody Magun, Devon Brodhagen


The flame from the Canada Winter Games torch was used to light the annual Halloween Bonfire in Wye Lake Park prior to starting the first leg of the relay. The Torch traveled on a portion of the community’s trail system through the park and into various neighborhoods in the community while children went from house to house trick or treating. The relay finished in Wye Lake Park, with a brief message from Mayor Nancy Moore, prior to a fireworks display. The final leg of the Watson Lake Relay was completed by a young torch carrier using a wheelchair. “Great to be given the opportunity to participate in this great event,” said Mayor Nancy Moore of Watson Lake, Yukon.

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Marsh Lake, November 18, 2020

Mode(s)Transportation prior to event: People arrived in vehicles

Distance Transported to Community: 70 km (from Whitehorse)

Distance torch transported in the event: 500m

Torch Carriers: Jo Graham, Vera Schall, Finley Sparling, Char Rentmeister, Elizabeth Sparling, Isaac Pumphrey, Delenn Larsen, Kaleb Champagne, Kendra Graham, Tristan Rentmeister, Daniel Cashaback, Sierra Graham, John Streicker


This torch event started with everyone gathered at the Marsh Lake Firehall and traveled to the community centre. Rec Director John Streicker carried the torch and each child got to be a flag bearer. A huge bonfire pile set was set up in the parking lot. After commemorative speeches in English and French, the torch was then used to light the bonfire.

Ibex Hamlet , December 16, 2020

Mode(s)of Transportation prior to event: Vehicle

Distance torch transported during the event: ¼ mile

Torch Carriers: George Rivard, Odette Rivard, Marten Sealy, Ryley Andrew, Jeneil MacPherson, Keith MacPherson, Jessica Guest

Torch Carriers assembled at the Old Alaska Highway turnoff. The torch was then walked to the Ibex Firehall accompanied by two fire trucks. One of the trucks led the procession and the other brought up the rear. Once at the firehall, short speeches were given by Bob Atkinson, Pam Boyde, Brad Cathers and Barbara Drury. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, donuts and muffins were provided by the Ibex Hamlet Advisory Council, the event organizers, for the enjoyment of the torch carriers, speakers and guests.