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Paulatuk, April 13, 2020

Mode of transportation to community: Torch was flown via Canadian North to Inuvik and then via Aklak Air to Paulatuk.

Distance transported: 1,200

Torch carriers: 44 community youth and Elders (see list below)

Torch carriers: Garrett Ruben; Kelly Ruben; Liz Kuptana; Arlin Rubenl; Fred Bennett; Corey Ruben; Ruben Green; Ashley Ruben; Jerry R. Bennett; Candice Thrasher; Mary R. Bennett; Starlette Ruben; Racheal Nakimayak; Kirt Ruben; Georgina Wolki; Aaron Ruben; Patrick Illasiak; Phoebe Ruben; David Green Jr.; Margo Anderson-Boucher; Dana Illasiak; Elton Ruben; Dakota Reidford; Edward Ruben; RCMP Officer - Ian; Mary E. Ruben; Bernie Green; Sheldon Ruben; Bill S. Ruben; Janeen Ruben; Dustin Gordon-Ruben; Cheyenne Wolki; Chad Wolkie; Courtney Ruben; Dwayne Illasiak; Tanis Ruben; Melba Ruben; Colton Gordon-Ruben; Warren Ruben; Carlene Green; Mayor Ray Ruben Sr.; Gilbert Thrasher Sr.; Larry Ruben; Jerrita Thrasher.

The torch was lit by Dawn Moses, of Municpal and Community Affairs, and Mayor Bill Ray Ruben. It was then carried through the community and along Darnley Bay. Special guests included Gilbert Thrasher Sr. and Fred Bennett, both competed at the 1967 Canada Winter Games, and Ruben Green, who competed at the 1975 Canada Winter Games. After the relay a ceremony was held to recognize former Canada Games and Arctic Winter Games athletes by awarding them certificates from the Hamlet. A community feast was held for all members of the community with old-time fiddling and entertainment by the Moonlight Drummers and Dancers, a self-taught group of young Paulatuk entertainers. The emcee was Bill Steven Ruben and Mayor Ray Ruben Sr. gave an opening welcome. School principal Robert Genge spoke, along with Gilbert Thrasher Sr. Fred Bennett; Ruben Green and Dawn Moses.


Tuktoyaktuk, April 17, 2020

Mode of transportation to community: Driven over ice road

Distance transported: 194 km

Torch carriers: Community members Richard Teddy, Dorothy Loreen and Daniel Loreen, with 2006 Arctic Winter Games athletes Craig Gruben and John Stuart Jr.

The torch carriers brought the torch along Kugmallit Bay to Kitty Hall recreation complex. There it was recognized by the community in conjunction with the Beluga Jamboree snowmobile race. The community's Canada Winter Games Day was held the next day with ten children participating. The torch was also used in the opening ceremony of the Kitty Carnival for kids on April 20. After the Tuktoyaktuk community torch relay event, the torch set out on a Torch challenge with Recreation Leadership Students from Aurora College. They skied 160 km with the torch to Inuvik.

Challenge! Tuktoyaktuk to Inuvik Ski Challenge, April 20-25, 2006

Mode of transportation to event: Torch was driven over the ice road to Tuk

Distance transported: 160 km

Torch carriers: Students from the Aurora College Recreation Leadership Program: Julian Tomlinson, Cristina Elias, Wendy Lahey, Sandra Gordon, Mike Brown, Belinda Sanspariel, Colinda Blondin, Holly Ovayuak, Joyce Storr, Onida Banksland, Kirt Ruben and Jackie Pascal


Students from the Aurora College Recreation Leadership Program carried the torch over a 160 kilometre cross-country ski challenge from Tuktoyaktuk to Inuvik. The trip included a stop at the Ibyuk Pingo National Landmark. After the challenge was completed, the group created a slideshow that was shown during the Inuvik Torch Relay celebration feast.


Inuvik, April 26-27, 2006


Mode of transportation to community: On skis, from Tuktoyaktuk by students from Aurora College

Distance transported: 160 km

Torch carriers: Rebecca Baxter (with dog team); Greg Elias; Theresa Ross; Aurora Williams; Martin Landry; Evan Lemieux; Chad Peacock; Brandon Jager; Kelli Turpin; Tori Hendrick; Melissa Perkins; Brittany Dillon; Noel Cockney; Ryan Ballas; Eric Chruch; Josephine Martin; Steven Aldrige; Nathan Nokadlak; Keaton Cockney; Preston Dosedel; James Day; Shayna Greenough; Cory Baetz; Shayna Omilogituk; Lucas Lemeiux; Cullen McLeod; Gerals Pascal; Able Tingmiak; Paden Lennie; Cliff Stringer; Frazer Arey; and RCMP officers Tim Fifield and Kyle Edwards.

Dog musher Rebecca Baxter and her dog team carried the torch for the first leg of the relay along the ice road into Inuvik. The torch was passed between 34 torch carriers flanked by RCMP in red serge. It was taken to NorthMart where it was displayed. A community feast was held the next night and a slide show of the Inuvik to Tukotoyaktuk RLP Ski Challenge was shown. Each Inuvik torch carrier was presented with a red toque from the town in recognition of their participation. Theresa Ross was the emcee, an opening welcome was given by Mayor Peter Clarkson. Sarah Jerome gave a welcome in Gwitch'in and Julie Roulette welcomed everyone in French. The guest speaker was Yvonne Carpenter from Municipal and Community Affairs.


Fort McPherson, April 28, 2020

Mode of Transportation to community: Driven from Inuvik to Fort McPherson

Distance transported: 185 km

Torch carriers: Ruth Hanthorn; John Norman; Anna Hanthorn; Alyn Charlie; Sarah Hanthorn; Aryn Charlie; Joel Hanthorn; Liz Wright; Ashton McLeod; Jaksun Brice; P.J. Robert and Jennifer Greenland

Athletes carried torch from the highway to the community arena where youth were given a chance to touch the torch. Mayor Rebecca Blake and Chief John Kay gave speeches recognizing community achievments. Victor Stewart was the emcee and Mary Teya provided Gwitch'in translation. Donald Kuptana, from Municipal and Community Affairs also gave a speech. The event ended with a community feast and dance where Gwitch'in Youth Dancers performed. Teacher Jaksun Brice awarded prizes from the community's Canada Games Day, which was held one day before. Special guests included David Krutko and Robert MacLeod.


Tsiighetchic, April 30, 2020

Mode of transportation to event: Vehicle

Distance transported: 125 km

Torch carriers: Jessie Firth, Drake Gordon, Noel Andre, Louise Nazon, Wayne MacDonald, Jason Shiwak, Doug Kendo, Mavis Clark, Peter Ross, Alestine Andre, Candice Gordon, Albert Ross


Elder Annie Norbert lit the torch and was the first carrier. The torch was carried one kilometre by elders and youth around the community. After the Torch Relay, the community held a barbecue and heard speeches from Elders, Chief, Mayor and Donald Kuptana from Municipal and Community Affairs. “This is great. It’s not every day you get to participate in something like this," said Louise Nazon of Tsiighetchic.


Aklavik, May 3, 2020
Mode of transportation to community: Driven over ice road

Distance transported: Inuvik to Aklavik, 1,116

Torch carriers: Youth and elders (see the list below)

Torch carriers: Elder Alice Husky; Elder Garnet Greenland; Courtney Charlie; Stephanie Charlie; Karyn McLeod; Saylene Nerysoo; Crystal Koe; Cora Lee Simpson; Lou Ann Koe; Amber Irish; Naomi Peterson; Prairie Dawn Edwards; Trudy Kogiak; Elizabeth Illasiak; Janelle Pascal; Tyler Carmichael; John Semple; Chris Semple; Frank Gruben; Ally Gordon; Tommy Gordon; Edwin Wright; Lorna Storr; Billy Storr; Elder Donald Aviungana; Elder Barbra Archie.

Ruth Stewart welcomed everyone and led an opening prayer. Local coach Lorna Storr performed the torch lighting ceremony along with RCMP members. The relay began at Moose Kerr School and finished at the Sittichinili Recreation Complex after the torch was carried through the community. The relay began and ended with Elders. The passing of the torch from Elders to youth and then back to Elders signified a circle within the community. The torch relay was followed by a community barbecue and drum dance. School principal Velma Illasiak was the emcee, and the two speakers were Anna-Lee McLeod, of the Hamlet and Donald Kuptana of Municpal and Community Affairs.

Trout Lake, May 23, 2020

Mode of transportation to community: Fixed wing air charter courtesy of Ted Grant and Simpson Air

Distance transported: 81 nautical miles (approx 150km)

Torch carriers: School principal Byron White and students: Yvonne Jumbo; Rudy Jumbo; Deanna Jumbo; Katrina Deneron; Sheyenne Jumbo; Timothy Pierre; Donovan Punch; Corey Jumbo and Tyler Jumbo.

Elder Joe Punch gave an opening prayer, which was tranlsated to North Slavey by Margaret Jumbo. Dawn Moses of Municipal and Community Affairs was the special guest speaker. The torch was carried through the community, along the shores of Trout Lake. The relay was followed by a community barbecue.

Jean Marie River, May 25, 2020

Mode of transportation to community: Driven from fort Simpson

Distance transported: 126 km

Torch carriers: Youth: Isabelle Menacho; Winston Norweigian; Leanna Sanguez; Kyle Norweigian; Vanessa Sanguez; Kyla Norweigian; Curtis Hardisty; George Urban; Holly Norweigian; Linda Urban; Alisha Norweigian and Rhonda Norweigian.

The torch was carried around the community by youth after Canada Games Day activities were held. The relay was followed by a community barbecue and an awards ceremony with prizes for Canada Games Day event winners. Dawn Moses of Municipal and Community Affairs gave a speech and lit the torch. Chief Stan Sanguez also spoke and Eric Snguez presented the Canada Games Day awards.

Kakisa, May 29, 2020

Mode of transportation to community: Driven from Ft. Simpson to Kakisa

Distance transported: 320 km

Torch carriers: Six schoolchildren

Dawn Moses of Municipal and Community Affairs spoke at the event. The torch was carried 7.6 km on foot, from Evelyn Falls into Kakisa.

Enterprise, May 31, 2020

Mode of transportation to the event: Vehicle

Distance transported: 391 km

Torch carriers: Chaal Cadieux, Katherine Lenoir, Kelsey Kimble, Grandpa Joe Mercredi, Winnie Cadieux, Alyssa Carswell, Commissioner Tony Whitford, Drew Carswell, Michelle Carswell, Lacy Boothman, Jamie Kimble, Shyenne Boothman, Cecile Richards, Tanis Courtoreille, Anne Boden, Kathleen Lundbek, Henry Boden, Karl Muller, Verginia Boden, Amy Mercredi, Vivianne Cadieux, Hailey Courtoreille, Karl Lenoir.


The Torch Event in Enterprise, NWT consisted of a relay, a lunchtime barbecue and an opportunity for community members to have their picture taken with the torch. Speakers included Mayor Winnie Cadieux, Commisioner Tony Whitford and Dawn Moses of Municipal and Community Affairs. The torch was then lit and relayed on foot to Paradise Gardens.


Hay River, May 31, 2020

Mode(s) of Transportation to Community: Hay River Running club picked up torch at Paradise Gardens from the Enterprise Torch carriers.

Distance Transported: 22km

Torch Carriers: Hay River Running Club, Students


School children carried the torch into Hay River to light the cauldron at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2006 Track and Field Championships in front of over 1000 athletes. Video from the 22 kilometer torch relay was shown during the ceremony and the torch remained on display until June 1, 2006.

Challenge! Nahanni National Park, June 4-12, 2006

Mode Transportation to the event: Airplane

Distance Transported: 200 km

Torch Carriers: Bhreagh Ingarfield, Kyla Betsake, Kyra Tanche, Megan Bertrand, Christian Betsake, Melvin Vital, Brandon Conisenta, Wayne Ingarfield, Corey Jumbo, Tyler Jumbo, Byron White, Craig Cli, Jarrett Moses-Oskeneskisses, Richard Garner.


The Northwest Territories torch was carried by river raft down the south Nahanni River as part of an eight-day school expedition from Virgina Falls to Nahanni Butte. Along the way the group hiked with the torch around Virginia Falls to the top of The Gate overlooking Pulpit Rock, and along Lafferty’s Creek canyon, which involved swimming the torch through the creek. The torch was carried by students from Nahanni Butte School, Trout Lake School and Wrigley School.

Fort Simpson, June 14, 2020

Mode of Transportation to community: Carried by a Wolverine Air charter plane from Nahanni Butte

Distance transported: 75 nautical miles

Torch carriers: Youth and elders: Jennifer Thistle; Kirk Hillaby; Robin Jenke; Ivor Norweigan; Erica Jenke; Keri-Ann Loutit; Keyna Norweigan; Sigmund Jenke; Jeffrey Scholette; Nancy Jenke; Nathan Cressman; Jessie Loutit; Bailey Cressman; Amanda Bradbury; Jordan Isaiah; Jeff Cressman; Eileen Isaiah; Jeff Cressman; Trish Isaiah; Eileen Isaiah; Hannah Isaiah; Natasha Isaiah; Jodie Thompson; Twyla Isaiah; Jenny Thompson; Rebecca Isaiah; Desire Deneyoua; Nakita Larker; Deidre Yakinneah and Tia Hardisty.

The torch was lit by Elder Barb Stoat and Cst. Brad Parker of the RCMP. The relay began at the community boat launch on the MacKenzie River and finished at the Recreation Centre. A community barbecue was held and people had the chance to have their photo taken with the torch. Local cadets participated in the relay and kept an honour guard on the torch during the barbecue. Barb Stoat gave an opening welcome and Dawn Moses, of Municipal and Community Affairs, was a guest speaker. Natalie Roulette provided French translation.


Wrigley, June 17, 2020

Mode of Transportation to community: Riverboat on the MacKenzie River, from Fort Simpson to Wrigley

Distance transported: 250 km

Torch carriers: Community youth

The torch relay was kicked off by a community barbecue, followed by the torch lighting. Jim Antoine, Pan North Ambassador to the 2007 Canada Games, was the guest speaker. The torch was carried through the town by local youth. Canada Games pins, hats, tattoos and stickers were handed out to participants and spectators. Youth who were taking part in the Mackenzie Youth Leadership river trip from Wrigley to Norman Wells, were flag attendants at the Wrigley Torch Relay. One member of this group, Josh Baton from Wrigley, had the honour of lighting the torch to start the relay. This group then transported the torch by canoe to Tulita and then on to Norman Wells over a two week duration.


Challenge! Mackenzie River Challenge, June 4-July 3, 2006

Mode(s)Transportation prior to event: Riverboat

Distance Transported: Approximately 300km from Wrigley to Norman Wells.

Torch Carriers: Mackenzie River Youth Trip Participants and guides Michael Mitchell and Clover Arden


The torch challenge was coordinated by the NWT Recreation and Parks Association and was outfitted and guided by Canoe North of Hay River. The torch travelled from Fort Simpson via canoe along the Mackenzie River to Tulita and then on to Norman Wells. Along the way the group stopped for day hikes & other learning opportunities; taking the torch along with them as they went.

Fort Good Hope, July 12, 2020

Mode of transpotion to the event: Airplane, courtesy of North-Wright Airways.

Distance transported: 147km

Torch carriers: Jordan Tobac, Cara Manuel, Mykle Grandjambe


Led by the RCMP, the torch relay went from Old Boldy, through the town to the field where a community cook-out celebrated the Canada Games torch visit. The torch was transported by foot and was carried over a total distance of 0.5 km. The event was emceed by Arthur Tobac and an opening prayer was recited by Alfred Masazumi. The torch was lit by Elder Leon Kelly and a community youth Mykle Grandjambe. Also on hand to speak were acting Chief Charlie Barnaby and Conan Donahue of the Municipal and Community Affairs. “On behalf of the community of K’asho Gotine Band of Fort Good Hope I would like to thank you and your organization for a wonderful opportunity for our youth to participate in this exciting event. We had a wonderful time with our friends, families and neighbours,” said Fort Good Hope Recreation Coordinator Freda Kelly.


Yellowknife Air Show, July 21, 2020

Mode(s)Transportation prior to event: Air & Road transport.

Torch Carriers: Canadian Forces Snowbird Pilots

The day prior to the Yellowknife Airshow, Joint Task Force North (J.T.F.N.) put on a parade through downtown Yellowknife to promote the airshow where all three torches were displayed. Thousands of residents and visitors were able to view the torches and hear about their journeys.

Canadian Forces Snowbird pilot Major Ian McLean then took the torches on an aerial tour.


Sachs Harbour, July 28, 2020

Mode(s) of Transportation prior to event: Torch was flown into Sachs Harbour from Yellowknife.

Distance Transported to event: 1500km +

Torch Carriers: Kyle Donovan, Vanessa A, Kevin Golly, Sandra Gordon, Christina Elias

The Torch Relay celebration is Sachs Harbour took place in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Mayor Andy Carpenter and his wife Winnie. The event was emceed by Sandra Gordon of Municipal and Community Affairs. After the torch was lit at the community's gymnasium, a parade style torch relay of approximately one kilometer wound its way through the community, ending back at the gymnasium.


Uluhaktok, August 12, 2020

Mode(s)Transportation prior to event: Torch was flown via Canadian Forces Joint Task Force North plane during Operation Beaufort

Torch Carriers: Community members


After the torch relay in Uluhaktok had been twice delayed, community members were glad to participate in the event. A 30-minute torch relay loop around town was run before a barbecue was held.


Colville Lake, August 28, 2020

Mode of transportation to the event: Airplane, courtesy of North-Wright Airways Ltd.

Torch carriers: Tyrell Kochon, Tiffany Kochon, Carla Tutcho, David Codzi, Charlie Oudzi, Teresa Kakfwi


The Colville Lake Torch Relay event was enjoyed by more than 60 people under clear skies. The event was emceed by Conan Donahue of Municipal and Community Affairs and consisted of a relay throughout the community, beginning at the gymnasium, then traveled by foot to the airport and finally back to the gymnasium. Chief Richard Kochon was on hand for the event and the feast that followed. The meal - Kentucky Fried Chicken - was flown in for the celebration.


Fort Smith, September 18, 2020

Mode(s)Transportation prior to event: Torch flown into Ft. Smith from Yellowknife.

Distance Transported: Torch Relay was 5.0km long

Torch Carriers: Grace Mabbitt, Garry Vanderkuil, Gordon Cumming, Cayla Catholique, Chelsea Bradbury, Veronica McDonald, Sharwyn MacPherson, Noel Cockney, Devon McLeod, Michael Dube

Ten torch carriers and 20 flag bearers participated in a 5.0 kilometer torch relay beginning at the recreation complex, past the trail head of the NWT portion of the Trans Canada Trail, along the boardwalk overlooking the Slave River and ending at the Queen Elizabeth Park for a short ceremony and community barbeque.

Katloodeechee, September 26, 2020

Mode of transportation to the event: Vehicle, from Fort Smith

Distance transported: 273 km

Torch carriers: Elementary and junior high school students

The event involved youth and teachers from the Chief Sunrise Education Center, Elders, and residents from the community. Allan Browning of the Katloodeechee First Nation and Holly Ovayuak of Municipal and Community Affairs were emcees. Forty torch carriers began the 7 km relay at the Old Village, they walked and ran the torch to the new village and finished at the Chief Lamalice Complex for speeches, presentations, presentation of prizes and a community feast.

Fort Providence, September 28, 2020

Mode of transportation to the event: drove from Fort Smith

Distance transported: 438km

Torch carriers: Chad Bonnetrouge, Nolan Bonnetrouge, Lindsey Bonnetrouge, Jonah Bonnetrouge, Shawna McLeod, Cameron Sapp, Justin Nadli, Robyn McLeod, Phillip Bonnetrouge, Sam Elleze, James Elleze

This event took the NWT torch on a journey through the athletic history of Fort Simpson. Participants included athletes from the 1970 War Canoe Races in honour of Queen Elizabeth II visit, the 1988 Centennial War Canoe Race athletes and previous Arctic Winter Games and North American Indigenous Games athletes. The 4 km route incorporated land and water as the torch traveled from Big Rock through town to the banks of the Mackenzie River where it was transferred to a war canoe then paddled back to Big Rock. The event was celebrated with a community cook-out emceed by Clifford McLeod. Holly Ovayuak also spoke on behalf of Municpal and Community Affairs while Mayor Maggie Levasseur and Sub-Chief Theresa Bonnetrouge were also on hand to celebrate the event.


Fort Resolution, October 3, 2020

Mode(s)Transportation prior to event: drove from Fort Smith


Distance Transported: 5.0 km ( Relay Portion) Between Community (297km by road)

Torch Carriers: Eddy McKay, Marcel Norn, Carol Collins, Brandie Miersch, Vanessa Sanderson, John Cardinal, Sheila Hunter, Amber Mandeville, Alroy Sanderson, TJ Fordy, Keenan Hunter, Lloyd Lafferty, Tegan Larocque


Marcel Norn performed the torch lightning. The 5-kilometer relay route started at the Town Hall, ran along the shore of Great Slave Lake, past the arbour and continued through town until it finished back at the Town Hall. Speakers included Bess Ann McKay and Holly Ovayuak of NWT Municipal and Community Services.

Fort Liard, November 7, 2020

Mode(s)Transportation prior to event: Driven from Fort Simpson along two tracks of unplowed snowy Liard Highway for 287km

Distance Transported: 2km

Torch Carriers: Neil Kotchea, Elsie Marcellais, Jonathan McLeod, Brittany Mccauley, Jonathan Duntra, Carla Payou, Briana Kotchea, Lindsay Berreault, Calvin Lomen, Steven Bertrand, Dean Bertrand, Erica Timbre, Laura Loe, Jeffery Bertrand, Camilla Bertrand, Bianca Kotchea, Connie Bertrand, Joshua Duntra, Lyle Bertrand, Collin Needlay, Blair Kotchea, Cheryl Bertrand, Riley Mcleod, Sasha Duntra, Michael Needlay, Trevor Timbre, Trye Timbre

The torch relay event started with visits to the Echo Dene Elementary School classrooms where five high school students took turns presenting the torch and gave a brief talk about the Canada Winter Games. The school students then paraded the torch, flags and the torch relay banner on a 2-kilometer relay around Fort Liard.

Deline, December 11, 2020

Distance Transported: 1175km

Torch Carriers: Students and community members


The torch relay event began with a student assembly to hear welcoming comments from Chief Charlie Neyelle. Students and community members then relayed the torch 1km around the community including the small lake where Sir John Franklin’s crew played what is rumoured the first chronicled game of ice hockey in Canada.