February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
Yukon Government

Yukon government sponsorship

From the moment Whitehorse was awarded the 2007 Canada Winter Games, the Yukon government has recognized this event will bring tremendous economic, social and cultural benefits to the North. We are fully supporting the games, doing our part to ensure both a successful event and an enduring legacy for the Yukon.

Financial and ‘in-kind’ resources

The Yukon government has provided financial support to the Canada Winter Games’ operational and capital budgets in the form of various direct contributions and grants. Initiatives such as Canada Games/Tourism workshop and the ‘Best Ever Athlete Development Program’ have enhanced government’s role in preparing the community for the largest event to ever take place North of 60.

We are also working with the governments of our sister territories on a Pan-Northern Marketing Campaign to ensure the 2007 Canada Winter Games showcase the cultural uniqueness of the North.

Infrastructure resources

The two most significant infrastructure projects in Whitehorse, among the many the Yukon government supports for the Canada Winter Games, are the Canada Games Centre, towards which it provided $19 million, and the Athletes Village residences, for which it will contribute $25.2 million.

Providing Yukoners with the infrastructure to cultivate healthy lifestyles through the Canada Games Centre moves us closer to our goal of building healthy Yukon communities.

Through the construction of the athletes’ village, the Yukon government is committed to ensuring athletes have a safe, comfortable place to stay during the games while leaving a legacy facility at Yukon College to serve the citizens of the Yukon.

Human resources

Under the recently developed volunteer policy for the games, Yukon government employees will be able to request paid leave for a wider variety of tasks, for example work on planning committees. The time frame has also been expanded to include some work in the two years leading up to the games.

Employees will be able to use government facilities including meeting rooms, computers, and office equipment to support their work on the games. The government is also providing four full-time employees to work for the host society, and has assigned Games-related duties to numerous other employees.

The Yukon government sees the 2007 Canada Winter Games as a great opportunity to demonstrate the emergence of the North as a place of increasing importance and relevance to Canadians as an economic engine, a place of opportunity and an important part of the Canadian identity.

For more information on the Yukon government, please visit www.gov.yk.ca.