February 23 to March 10, 2021 ribbon Canada Winter Games 2007
City of Whitehorse
For information about the City of Whitehorse visit the official site at: www.whitehorse.ca

The City of Whitehorse Host City is proud to champion the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games, the first Games ‘North of 60’. We feel the Games are a natural example of that special northern warmth and a confirmation of what can be accomplished in the Yukon.

In the beginning, the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games endeavour was primarily about organizing government, non-government and private organizations, groups, and individuals. At the City of Whitehorse, we feel the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games has evolved to become ‘the’ example of the collaborative model that has been developing in business and intergovernmental relations in Canada over the last decade or so, especially in the North.

In addition to the positive economic benefits of hosting a major Games event, several other important gains for contributors are identified such as: national media coverage; national identity and pride; infrastructure development; business development; increased tourism opportunities and possibilities; cultural awareness in the rest of Canada and the rest of the world; improved sporting infrastructure to serve the community and the country after the event; and sport development opportunities.

There is no other single event that can be hosted or put on that will generate the kind of sporting talent that will be showcased at the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games. In terms of the highest athletic distinction from the Yukon attributable to the Canada Games, Ms. Lucy Steele-Masson won three gold medals for Team Yukon at the 1991 Canada Winter Games, was a member of the Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team from 1988-1997, and went on to compete at the 1992 Winter Olympics. With the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games, young athletes and kids alike from across Canada will have the opportunity first hand to partake in a major sports event. Imagine how inspiring for young and upcoming athletes it will be to watch other established athletes from across Canada competing with each other, with the hopes of eventually representing Canada in the Olympics; the experience will be overwhelming.

The City of Whitehorse is proud to be the major Host City supporter, contributor of just under $11 million to the Athlete’s Village, contributor of over $6 million to the $45 million dollar Canada Games Centre complex, and to be the host of the winter event leading to the 2010 Olympics.

Ultimately, the close of the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games will provide the final conclusions to the Games’ success. Everything that we have seen so far leads us to believe the Whitehorse 2007 Canada Games will be the ‘Best Ever’.